Monday, November 9, 2009

What? You were expecting Max Klinger maybe?

 What does a Guy have to do to get out of a shit detail? Dress up in a mink coat and panty-hose? Let's face it, this freak is no Major Sidney Freedman, but at least you would think that an Army shrink would come up with a better way to get out of the Army then murdering his patients. Just say your gay and you're gone. Nobody gets hurt, no shots fired..and Allah will forgive you because he is merciful. And it would've worked for Klinger too! If he had only tried to bang Radar instead of spending his Saturday nights washing his undies with the girls...which brings me to my point: Who the fuck really wants to repeal DADT?

If one can get out of the great honor of getting blown to shit by some fucking peasant in a mud hole that makes "Third World" seem like Utopia by being a homo than I'm a homo...and I don't need the help of any fucked-up religious whack job Army psychiatrist to help me work out my issues. This Hasan asshole couldn't even get out of the Army by basically saying he hated the Army..Mom...Apple Pie!! What more does Uncle Sam need to fire this prick? If we kick out gay soldiers who serve honorably and keep the raving bug-house fuckers who obviously need a straight jacket/medical discharge combo; then what kind of wars are we fighting over there?
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